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I really enjoyed the book - [Dr. Bryant] did an excellent job blending rhyme, vocabulary, and positive messages. I can't wait to see them cataloged [at our library]. I think they will get checked out a lot!

My 1st grader and I read together and she did most of the reading. Excellent illustrations. Great selection of character words. Written in first person so it is affirming. My children and I say daily affirmations and we will be using Black Girl Shining as a resource.

My son opened the book and said, "Is that meee? He looks just like me. A lawyer? That's what I want to be when I grow up!"



Rhonda Tsoi-A-Fatt Bryant, EdD is a researcher, educator, and advocate in child and youth development. She has dedicated her career to improving the lives of youth who are marginalized all over the world.

She has two children–Andrew and Leigha–who are the inspiration for her children’s books. With this book, Dr. Bryant seeks to shower young children with love and affirmation that they can carry in their hearts for the rest their lives.



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